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Chris Lemens:

>All great questions. This is a new campaign, intended to be a once-off side
>line to ongoing play, so continuing play is not a problem. The major heroes
>noted in the Canon will be NPCs.

 Cool, I always wanted a stand off with Harrek :) How long do you intend to
make the campaign? A series of adventures (about 5-15 sessions) or longer?

>I have not yet designed the PCs because I have not yet even figured out
where in >Glorantha they will be living.

 I assume that your characters won't be starting PC's, obviously. This might
be a good time to point out that my Netpage has a set of character
generation rules that would allow easy generation of Powerful characters
(check out the address in my signature).

> As I figure it, the end of an age entails events of similar magnitude all
>the lozenge, so I may end up detailing interesting age-end events that I do
>not end up using, or use only tangentially.

Yeah, more than likely. For instance, what has the Reforestation of Fronela,
or the return of the Brithini (alledged, mind you -- many think it was
Vadeli) got to do with the Moon Wars in Dragon Pass?

>I will probably start the PCs in Ramalia or the New Coast simply because it
will be
>easier to write on a fairly blank slate.

I like the idea of Ramalia!! Just in case you do use it, here would be my
player's introduction:

        "We didn't know that It was coming, Our kingdom was young, Our
people unprepared. Later, we discovered that the other Kingdoms had had
warnings, prophecies, and that these gave them time to preapre, to ready
themselves for the coming doom. We had no such luck...

        We were summoned to the tribal council, each of Our party were the
greatest we could find, the best shamans, the most almighty warriors. We had
all led Warbands on the surronding enemies, plundering them before they
could plunder Us. Now, as this awful cataclysm approached, we discovered we
had acted too little, too late. The other kingdoms, the other lands, had
decided that War was the only option, and we were prepared to meet them.

        As the end of the Third Age came to a close, we were faced by
dangers more subtle and forceful than ever before. One of Hykim's
Descendants had been slain and abused by a mere mortal, the Silent Chaos had
risen as a Moon, and a new force, a new mortal, rose from the East to sweep
across the lands. We were all part of this, ordered as the elite of Mraloti
to aid some enemies, and slay others, to prevent the dissoultion of Our
people, Our kingdom, Our Universe! It will come to pass, I'm sure, that my
children and their kin, will never forget the awfulness of what has become
quickly known as, the Hero Wars."

 In the case of the campaign you intend to use, I would include some form of
gathering/council of war to give the players basic direction. Alternatively,
you may go for the freeform method, whereby your players decide their own
path ("Let's go and raid Dorastor, move on into the Lunar Empire and try and
sack the Red Moon.." might be one response, "Let's side with the Lunars and
rule as Gods!!" might be another.) In the case of powerful characters, I
reckon intense preludes like those from Storyteller are excellent to use.

Just my two sheckles,

Nick E.
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