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Date: Wed 08 Jan 1997 - 03:42:11 EET

        At last I get around to writing some Glorantha mail after the last
few weeks of confusion.

>Can someone clarify for me what Sable Riders are actually riding? My =
>dictionary says that sable is the fur of a small arctic rodent. Clearly =
>this is not what fierce nomadic types would ride...

        The 'sable is a small vicious rodent' is a running joke among RQers
in these parts though - the image of giant ferret like things undulating
across the plains is just too funny to ignore, or indeed racing down
Krarshtkid tunnels. Except, their stats tell us they have horns - so they
are horned rodents. The riders hang on to the horns to hang on through all
the undulation.

>Also, we finally found a use for the "cloud call" spell.

        I've alway assumed that whenever sun and storm worshippers clash in
earnest, the opening gambit is a magical struggle to control the skies
(read 'see who has the most cloud call/ cloud clear spells') that
determines which side gets to use the big killing magics.

Elf Tricksters - for what its worth, I think that trolls and aldryami
probably have more than one trickster figure each. For the Aldryami, it
seems particularly reasonable. Sprites/pixies are natural tricksters,
almost (presumably invisibility is also available from elf tricksters as
well as Annilla? It was the RQ2 pixie power).
        And as for the conservative nature of Aldryami society, Cults of
prax talks about 'Rootless' elves that cannot join Aldrya, but are still a
welcome part of elf society, pitied but not rejected - indeed, respected
for the useful but odd skills they bring. They are quite separate from the
'Renegade' elves like Cracktwig or Sawtooth Korvan. Certainly some Rootless
elves could be tricksters, providing their tricks were not turned too
viciously on society.
        In line with ideas that appeared on the digest lately about elves
'communing with the forest mind', perhaps that is how Rootless elves come
about - they have some deficiency in their elf-sense that cuts them off
from the true forest mind.

        And as for Mostali tricksters - it seems reasonable to me that
gremlins somehow arise from trickster?

Bargain - I think that Bargain not being known by non-Issaries is silly,
especially as it has a non-zero base chance and increases by experience, so
masters can arise outside the cult anyway. I do think that Issaries/
Etyries might be the only people to actually teach it, though. It should be
in the character templates, its just an oversight.

>>Note: Londra's birthday is shown as 1605 in an issue of Wyrms Footnotes
>- -
>>which is patently silly since she would only have been seven when she
>>started adventuring!

        While this does turn out not to be true, as Stephen pointed out, it
would provide a good explanation for why she has a size of 4!




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