Sorcerers and slave bracelets

From: Paolo Guccione (
Date: Wed 08 Jan 1997 - 11:01:09 EET

A strange question that came to my mind when my player group captured a
Golden Lance inquisitor: does a slave collar have any effect on a
wizard? I think that nothing can prevent a wizard from casting spells,
because the power of sorcery comes from within, but what if Malkioni

blessings (see TotRM #13 or Sandy's sorcery) are used in the game? If a
slave collar can interrupt the link between a god and its initiate, it
is likely that it can also prevent the saint from bestowing his or her
blessing upon a devotee who is in need of it. And a captured wizard may
need it badly if he wants to escape...

Paolo Guccione


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