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Boy, I have got to work on these Subject lines!

Peter Linton Tracy <>
Uz rebirth, Runepower, Khelmal
>I have a question for the Loremasters of the Digest, in that I recall
>seeing a while ago a cult writeup of Khelmal, but after searching the
>and the bookcase and old digests I couldn't find it.
I believe it was in New Lolon Gospel I, though what appeared there was
more akin to cult notes and additions than a full write-up. Is there a
fuller version available?
Praxian Tricksters
>I again invite you (and everyone else too, of course) to visit my
>webpage at <>,
>where you can find these and other goodies. You're welcome to whatever
>want, please just let me know if you decide to use it.
I have no internet access -- can you email me appropriate items? Myths in
particular would be welcome -- I have 5 pages or so, but I will squeeze
more in if I like them.

>I believe that Praxian mythology is much more unified, and that for the
>Praxian humans the only trickster is Raven.

I disagree strenuously. Although they might only name trickster as Raven,
a number of other characters appear in the role of trickster, including
Hyena and Little Brother. This from Scott Schneider, considered to be one
of the Praxian experts around. Jackrabbit is another likely form of
trickster, and one which is possibly more common than Raven. Raven is the
thief, but jackrabbit is the essence of the trickster being pursued, but
almost impossible to catch. I do not believe he is worshiped in a Spirit
Cult (nor is Little Brother, or Rattlesnake if he exists), but he is
definitely known, IMO.

>Also, Prax (even including the
>Wastes) looks to me to be roughly the size of North Dakota

Um, I think you are misreading the scale somewhere. If all of Genertela
is the size (roughly) of North America, as the Genertela Book says, then
the Wastes have to be a lot bigger than North Dakota! Though Prax may be
that size, or even smaller.

>(I agree that Hyena is also a trickster, but I think he is the
_Morokanth_ >trickster.)
Actually, I would be inclined to think that the morocanth do _not_ view
Hyena as a trickster, where all the other people do! But I could be

>You might find interesting that Glooskap, the Micmac and Wabanaki
>trickster, is a frog. Also, I know of no North American Indian culture
>had a rattlesnake trickster. (BTW, do we know if rattlesnakes exist in
No, we don't. I have postulated it, since I think a rattlesnake spirit,
the only animal who refused to ackowledge Genert as lord, is appropriate
to both the terrain and the people. But I have never asked Greg, Sandy,
or Scott about whether such an entity does in fact exist. The serpents of
the Wastes are sort of more than rivers and less than spirits. One of
them especially is very fickly, alternately bringing good fortune or
evil, as the whim moves him. This seems very much to be a trickster to


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