Two Praxian "Myths"

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Here is a small selection of items which will probably go into the next
issue of Drastic. Any and all comments are solicited.

Source: Evarr Stormburner, Shaman of Oakfed
The Great Spirits of Prax are the most powerful known on the plains. Some
of the gods are greater, but this is because the Great Spirits are pieces
of these gods. They are the last remnants of the world that was, the
world before the one we have now. This happened because of chaos. Each
thing that chaos touched, it harmed. But even in defeat the gods created
new defenders. And so we survived to be here today.
  When Chaos came to Prax it crept up the sky like a foul river. The Sun
was there, and he fought chaos with all his splendour. But he was not
strong enough, and he exploded when the evilness touched his pure body.
The largest piece fell to earth at the Monkey Ruins (burning that corrupt
city to the ground). This was Oakfed, who afterwards provided light and
warmth to men in the Night.
  Chaos was also present on the land, and it moved through the earth like
worms. Brave Seolinthur came to stop it, and his body was chewed until he
died. But his lifesblood poured out in a raging torrent across the land.
This was Zola Fel, who washed away the chaos.
  Another god we do not remember fought against the Devil Herdsmen,
seeking to preserve the soul of the land. It raged, but its passion was
not enough, and when it was eaten only its shadow remained. This is the
Dark Eater, who still seeks to devour chaos, returning it to its source.
  Mighty Storm Bull was the last defender against Vrak Kargl Vozn, whom
you call the Devil. He fought well, and with the aid of Fire and Water,
Earth and Ice, defeated the One Evil. But he was wounded in the battle,
and barely sur-vived. Where his skin was pierced a wild wind blew into
the world. This was the Wild Hunter, which still blasts chaos in the
  Chaos also created more evil. Before he invaded Prax, Vrak Kargl Vozn
squatted at the edge of the once-Golden Land, and where he sat he left
his stool. From this foul pile came Malia, Mother of Disease, to make the
misery of the people greater for her father. She still stalks the plains,
and so the Great Spirits remain to defend against her.

Source: ???
After the Storm Bull killed the Devil, the people who survived in Prax
were hard-pressed to live. They were beset by spirits and demons who did
not know their places, and the living and dead mingled in a world of
confusion of fear. Then it was that the Daka Fal walked the world and
separated the living from the dead, setting each in their place, making
known to all their duties and affairs. This established some order in the
world, and was the first successful worship.
  Waha was born, and he tamed the world and returned it even more to
order. He made the earth and heavens be still, and overcame the Great
Spirits. He travelled into dark-ness and fear and rescued the
Protectresses, the daughters of his mother. He brought them to the
people, who learned of the differences between men and women, and so had
children of their own. Since then the priestesses have been caretakers of
the people and animals, helping them find foog and health.
  Waha taught men all of these skills, too, so they could survive without
his presence. When even these were not enough he instituted the Survival
Covenant, thus separating Men and Beasts, so that all could live. He
taught men to use weapons to defend their new herds. In these ways he
estab-lished the tribes and their customs, which the Khans teach and
enforce among the people.
  After Waha returned to his mother, the world became more dangerous.
Even with the herds to provide milk and meat food was scarce. Found-Child
came then and taught men the difference between hunters and prey. He
taught the prey to run swiftly, and taught the hunters how to use Waha's
weapons to kill the prey animals for food, using the rituals of the
Father of Khans to return their spirits to the Mother as well.
  Spirits and demons still roamed the land, for the Daka Fal controlled
only the ancestors of the people. The Horned God came then, but only to
some men. Most died, but the few who survived his visions and tests
became the first of the tribal shamans, who even now protect the tribes
from the Other World.
  Thus the people lived when the Sun rose again, and so they continue to
live. This is a far fall from the once rich lands which sometimes are
glimpsed in their magics, and which some tales hint of for their future.
But these ways are proven to work, for these savage and hard deities form
the familiar ways of life for the people, and few born here would choose
any other land.

Stephen Martin
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