Glorantha Con IV

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Wed 08 Jan 1997 - 19:30:03 EET

>>>-------> GC IV Public Notice <----------<<

        The Glorantha Con IV committee deeply regrets having to cancel
the Broken Council LARP. Unfortunatley, this event is seriously under-
subscribed, and is not playable with such a small turn out.
        All registration fees for this event will be refunded.
        The Broken Council Guidebook will be available for sale at the
convention, for those who are still interested in purchasing one. The
price is set at $10. Those who wish to convert their $10 tBC registration
fee into a guidebook purchase will be accomodated glady.
        Eric Rowe, Rob Heinsoo & Greg Stafford are even now working on
several events for BC registrants to enter instead. The will do every-
thing they can to insure everyone enjoys themselves at the con.
        For those who really want to do the Broken Council, Eric, Rob
and Greg have committed themselves to staging tBC at Gen Con this year.
        Broken Council T-shirts are still for sale to anyone interested.
We are currently discussing making them available through Wizard's Attic
after the con, but they will probably cost more that way.

        Again, our apologies. Your dissapointment matches our own.

                Andrew Joelson
                Chairman, Gloantha Con IV


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