Watchdog of Corflu

From: Bill.McKinley (
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 03:04:44 EET

                      Watchdog of Corflu 9/1/97
Thomas Doniol-Valcroze <> spake thusly:
> I don't think I quite understand the Watchdog of Corflu...
>The only thing I could find about it was in RoC, and it was pretty
>unclear to me.

The Watchdog of Corflu is a 72 metre high creature that is made from parts of a broken statue that the Lunars found and assembled. They didn't find the whole statue, accordingly, the watchdog consists of shoulders, two arms (which it is uses as legs as well) and a head with a gaping mouth and a single black, ominous eye.

I'm not sure whether the Lunars animated the statue through magical/divine means, or if it spontaneously came to life when the parts were put together.

The watchdog is Corflu's major defence against raiders and sea monsters.

The Lunars used the watchdog in a last ditch attack on the giant's cradle in 1621.



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