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Chris Lemens:

> Following this separation (whenever it happened),
>the red part seems to become separated from physical Glorantha because it
>required the seven mother quest to retrieve the deity that was never born
>and never died.

 I think that one *possible* explanation is when Yelm died, he split into
three parts; Sedenya, the Red Goddess; Antirius, the Yellow part; Annila the
Blue Moon. Shargash apparently kills Sedenya, which would be on the orders

of Antirius!! A Civil War among the parts of Yelm to decide who will become
the Ruler of the Sky!! This would mean the inclusion of the "Hidden Parts of
Yelm" that appear from nowhere. It would also cause massive confusion as the
dead body of Sedenya apparently turns out to be Blue Moon Plateau. But I
like the basic idea.

 Secondly, in Greg Fried's Selakuan Cult description, he includes a Pretty
Neat Idea. I'll repeat it here. The White Moon was, in fact, Ginna Jar. She
leads the Lightbringers to Yelm, wherein she marries Yelm. Their son, Yalem
Sunsson Moonsson, rises at the Dawn. Yalem is Yellow, whereas Yelm is White.
 Looking at this in more detail, your characters may wish to HQ to recover
the *real* sun.
 Also, as a side detail. GRoY mentions the rising of two suns. Maybe the
first (or second?) was Yalem and the other was Yelm? Food for thought.

> We know the blue moon goddess' role in the seven mothers quest, but why
would Yelm not >have likewise assisted?

He probably did in the form of Emperor Yelmgatha.

>A side point: if the perfect sun of Godtime is recreated, would it not stop
>in the center of the sky, as it allegedly was in Godtime?

The perfect sun may have moved. Although, rather than moving across the Sky
and into the Underworld, the Sun may have moved in a circular path across
Glorantha, from the North to the West to the SOuth to the East. At each
point was a palace.

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