The Broken Council

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Wed 08 Jan 1997 - 21:22:50 EET

        There has been evil news about the impending doom of the Broken Council
LARP at Glorantha Con IV. However, all is not lost!

        Neil Robinson has asked me to forward this clarion call for heroes to the
Digest. If you are moved by honor, pride or a desire to once again save
the Gloranthan Renaissance by playing in THE BROKEN COUNCIL at Glorantha
Con IV, please e-mail Andrew Joelson with your intentions at

                Remember, if your are interested please e-mail Andrew as soon as

Arkat has struck the Broken Council before it has a chance to get going.
 Once again the Greater Darkness threatens to destroy Glorantha. It is up
to YOU to save it. The Races and Gods of
Glorantha need you as their representative to build the saviour, the
perfect God, Ostentalka.

Of the 43 spots for the LARP, only 31 have been filled and we have received
dire threats that the darkness will engulf us all. Will you take the

The Pacific Northwest Farmers Collective have been sent from the Theyalan
lands to reconstitute the Second Council and DARE others to follow suit.
  We six (and with Dennis Hoover, the honourary member) forming a perfect
lightbringers ring, seek to restore this LARP to its fullness.

Don't give into the Darkness. Sign up for the Aldrymi, the Mostali, the
Uz, or even a Dragonewt, not to mention the representatives of the mighty
Dara Happan empire. Is there no pride, no honour, among you strangers?

Keep the Glorantha Renaissance alive!

Neil Robinson
Jeff Richard
Gregg Richard
Pam Carlson
the infamous Martin Laurie
David Dunham
Dennis Hoover

P.S. We promise to bring bad overacting, wonderful Orlanthi rituals, and
more entertainment than a stickpicker deserves.


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