Broken Council

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Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 08:18:23 EET

After a month of staying out of this, I am going to throw my hand in.

Re: The Broken Council
>In a message dated 1/8/97 9:02:40 AM, Andrew Joelson wrote:
>>Dear Gloranthaphile,
>> The Glorantha Con IV committee deeply regrets having to cancel
>>the Broken Council LARP. Unfortunatley, this event is seriously under-
>>subscribed, and is not playable with such a small turn out.
>Let's give it until next Monday at least, folks...I'm sure there are a
lot of
>last-minute stragglers who put off sending in their registrations as
long as
>possible. If nothing else, give us interested parties time to recruit
>necessary bodies. How many more do we need, after all?
The problem is, that we, the authors of Broken Council, had to make a
decision of whether to finish working on the game or not. There are a lot
of materials to produce, and a lot of work which has to be done in
advance. Without a reasonable chance that the game will have enough
entries, I at least cannot justify spending the time to finish the game.
Thus, no matter how many people come forward now and say they want to be
in it, there simply is not enough time now to have it ready for the

I am sorry about this, as I really would like to see it run again. The
amount of work we put into it is far too much for a single run.

Stephen Martin
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