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Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 09:36:58 EET

Paolo Guccione:

>A strange question that came to my mind when my player group captured a
>Golden Lance inquisitor: does a slave collar have any effect on a
>wizard? I think that nothing can prevent a wizard from casting spells,
>because the power of sorcery comes from within,

[sidestepping any question of availability or the 3050 L pricetag]

Well it sucks the magic points out of him so he doesn't have much
opportunity to cast big spells. I do note that removing the
collar but not the bracelets 'will allow the person to direct Power
[ie magic points PHM] in worship to deities, but not to use it for
magical spells' (CoP p109).

This indicates to my mind that a person wearing a slave collar is
incapable of casting spells of whatever sort although it's not
clear whether divine magic is so affected from what I can find (I
*think* there's another source that addresses it but I failed my
library use). Hence I would say that the wizard can't cast sorcery
spells with the collar on.

Erik Sieurin:
>[Leonardo's] work, like much other
>performed by the idle rich of God Forgot, is an attempt to regain old
>glories of their Brithini ancestors by rediscovering principles of
>Logic, not create an industrial revolution of some kind.

Two things (not that I'm trying to dissuade you from believing what
you want to). In my conception of God Forgot, the people are not
creating (or attempting to create) an Industrial Revolution. That
occured when the God Learners ruled and was a truely horrible
experience while it lasted. They certainly don't want to go
back to those days.

Secondly, I don't believe that the Ancient Kingdom of Logic
had machines as Logic is not the same thing as Technology.
The principles of Logic would be discovered by Thought or
Reason rather than Archimdean invention. Think Plato rather
than Aristotle IMO.

James Frusetta:

On Troll Adoption:

>Trollpak seems to infer that Arkat's adoption ritual wasn't the first such
>adoption. But was it the first/only adoption in which an uzuz was the
>result? I'd always _assumed_ so, but I noticed recently that I don't seem
>to see any proof of it. Any thoughts on this? Is it possible to become an
>uzuz, or is heroic stature necessary?

I don't think he was Uzuz but rather he was judged to be such on
the account of his heroic status. Being adopted would have left
him with human features, so it's difficult to see how the trolls
determined that he was Uzuz on this basis.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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