Red Moon Phases

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 10:41:58 EET

Chris asks:

> Forgive me if this has been answered a hundred times, but how does one
> determine the phase of the Red Moon for purposes of lunar magic, etc., if

> one is standing in the bottom of the Crater (or floating above the
> or looking down on the Red Moon from the Sky Dome, . . . )?

I don't recall it being asked before; off the cuff I'd say that one doesn't
need to: one is within the Glowline and it's effectively the Full Moon all
the time anyway. Besides, it's pretty hard for most mortals to get to the
places you mention in any case. If you're way, way up in the sky, how much
Lunar magic you get probably depends on how much influence you have with
the Red Goddess: you're outside the mundane world in any case.

> One question is what was the GL's ultimate goal?

Some of them were working to complete a Grimoire which named all of the
most powerful demonic entities of Glorantha and the powers they could use
on their summoners' behalf in exchange for the performance of certain
rituals and sacrifices. This Grimoire would strip away the irrelevant acts
of "worship", descriptions of "mythology" and "personality", etc. lavished
upon these beings by ignorant pagans and savages, replacing it with only
the most elegant and minimal form of interaction so as best to preserve
their pure, monotheist piety. The result would have been remarkably like
GoG, only in a world where *no* full-length cult writeups or the memory of
the same survived! Only the demonologist/wizards of the Jrusteli would
actively coerce power from these demons; their flock would play a part in
creating the desirable psychic state through ritual acts, but would in no
sense be "worshipping" them -- for true worship is directed only to the
Invisible God.

> I think it was a trickster that made the earth goddess of old Slontos
> roll over: he tickled her.

Or told her a side-splitting joke?



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