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Peter Metcalfe says:

> I don't think he was Uzuz but rather he was judged to be such on
> the account of his heroic status. Being adopted would have left
> him with human features, so it's difficult to see how the trolls

> determined that he was Uzuz on this basis.

Being UzUz is a matter of Spirit, not of Heroic status, otherwise
Cragspider, for instance, would have become UzUz when she underwent
the Rebirth. Trolls do not seek to dehumanize those who undergo
Rebirth, but to accentuate the Trollish features. Clearly, Arkat was
an UzUz who was born into a different body and was reborn as his True
Self. In any case, he fathered UzUz on UzUz mothers, so could not
have been Uzko.

Slave Collars

In my mind, I would agree that Slave Collars prevent the use of any
normal magic, i.e. Spirit, Divine or Sorcery. I would guess that Ki
skills (for those who use them from Land of Ninja - better used in
Kralorela, in my opinion) may be usable and that Dragon Magic should
certainly be usable.

We have always played that a person killed wearing Slave Bracelets
has his soul trapped/destroyed/dissipated and so he cannot be
resurrected and does not go off to the afterworld. Needless to say,
the PCs in my campaign have always hated Slave Collars but always
carry a few around with them to use against unwary foes.

Watchdog of Corflu

Several people have pointed out that this was made up of two arms,
shoulders and a head. Unfortunately, this is true. However, I prefer
the idea that it is made up of an arm, a leg, shoulders and a head -
just for the practicality of Lunar magicians trying to put it
together again.


How about NysalUR, URkat, RalzakURk, DURmal?

Have you ever read copies of 19th Century works where they try to
unify everything under the sun by using "obvious" linguistic methods?
They have about as much relevance as trying to find a linguistic base
for Gloranthan deities. You might as well say that because most
Gloranthan Lore is in English that the GodLearners used English as a
mother tongue.


HeroQuesting for a new Web-Site.


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