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Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 12:32:08 EET

Chris Lemens:

>Forgive me if this has been answered a hundred times, but how does one
>determine the phase of the Red Moon for purposes of lunar magic, etc., if
>one is standing in the bottom of the Crater (or floating above the Crater,
>or looking down on the Red Moon from the Sky Dome, . . . )?

You'll be within the Glowline? Personally I'll determine the phase
of the Moon from the face apparent to me which means that within
the Silver Shadow Sultanate, the Moon is always half-full (plus or
minus a few arcs). I suspect however that because of the proximity
of the Moon to the earth, the lunar magics are treated as thought
it were a full Moon.

OTOH I suspect that the Magics using the Dark Side of the Moon are
also very strong here.

Nick Effingham:

> Also, as a side detail. GRoY mentions the rising of two suns.

Which was noticed by nobody else in the world. So the obvious
conclusion is that Plentonius is being allegorical here.

Pam Carlson:

>But since the Entekosiad came out, with its
>tripartite earth goddesses for different age groups, the Ernalda cult's
>origins may be in Peloria.

I really don't think so. Coming of age ceremonies tend to be
parallel evolution rather than imports from a far away place.

>There is even a
>tripartite earth god from somewhere near Rhinliddi.

[Mind blanks]

Umm, who is this?

Simon Phipp:

>The idea of a common tongue or Tradetalk is that
>all cultures should understand it. Therefore using the names of
>deities would alienate those who worshipped others.

Using the English Language, I've been informed, is abhorrent to
the French Government yet the French use it quite happily for
international communication. The Indians have less than pleasant
memories of the British Raj yet English is an official language
there (mainly because 2/5ths of the country tend to get upset
if addressed in Hindu).

So yes while some aspects of it can be offensive, Tradetalk
will be much less offensive than if you have to learn the native
tongue of the people you want to communicate to. It costs the
Solar little to say Subere while speaking of Darkness matters
than to have to actually _speak_ in Darktongue to a Troll.

>Trolls speaking
>Tradetalk would not want to refer to the Sun as "Yelm", for instance,
>or rather worhippers of other Sun Gods would prefer to use their own
>God's name rather than Yelm.

Which accounts for most of the regional dialectal variations IMO.
I do believe I said that Yelm replaced Ehilm in the Central
Genertelan Dialect.

>All the members of the Celestial Court (and I count
>Umath here as an Elemental member) were broken during the Gods War
>and devolved into their various descendants.


- --Peter Metcalfe


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