Tarsh War vs. Broken Council

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 12:22:36 EET


The Chicago RQ-Con programme scheduled two twelve-player/six-hour sessions
of the Lunar Army mini-freeform game "Tarsh War", refereed by Chris Gidlow
and myself, to be run at the same time as "The Broken Council". These were
meant for anyone who played in that freeform at the last US RQ-Con and
didn't want to do so again.

We were hoping to use the Con to launch our new book of "Tarsh War" in
style (52 pages plus a colour cover and dozens of interior illustrations by
Dan "Hands of Dobyski" Barker, pictorial Bush Range map by Phil "William
Church Lives!" Anderson, layout by Steve "Do Wyrms Have Footprints?"
Thomas, foreword by Greg "You'll Be Gregged... Next Year" Stafford,
containing the main scenario, its many cameo incidents, character sheets,
handouts, wargaming rules and supporting articles): it should be back from
our printers the week before the Con, and will be available from the
Megacorp shortly -- keep reading the Glorantha Daily for price and ordering

But if cancelling my run of "Tarsh War" would free up twelve other players
and mean "The Broken Council" could be played again in the US (Steve
Martin's recent statement notwithstanding), I'd be willing to do that. I'd
even play in TBC a second time myself; obviously I'd prefer *not* to do
this, but cancelling a 43-player/eight-hour event this late in the day has
*got* to hurt!

Chris Gidlow doesn't want to play in "The Broken Council", but the Con
organisers know better than I do how many people have signed on for "Tarsh
War" -- if we don't even have enough players for one full session, there's
no point in our running two, and (as the game's author) Chris is best
placed to run it anyway. So, whatever happens, there will be at least one
"Tarsh War" session at RQ-Con on Saturday afternoon, unless nobody turns up
to it!

OTOH, if more people want to play in "Tarsh War" than "The Broken Council"
(and in the light of Steve Martin's recent statement that TBC *cannot* now
be run), we ought to have spare copies of our scenario at the Megacorp
stand which other aspiring referees could pick up and run with. I know
several US Con-going types who have played or refereed the game before, and
Chris and I could hold a brainstorming/discussion session for these and
other last-minute referees on Saturday morning; maybe this could
resuscitate RQ-Con's Saturday afternoon schedule?

So, Andrew Joelson or whoever, if doing anything along these lines would
help you, please drop me an e-mail. If I *were* to play in TBC it'd mean
pushing back the start of the Storytelling Contest <*> to 10pm, or finding
someone else to run that event, but that's do-able. OTOH, if we run "Tarsh
War" on Saturday, sessions could finish before Brandon Brylawski's "The
Great Secret of the God Learners" starts, increasing the number of players
who can participate in that freeform.

A last note: unless there's overwhelming popular demand for the advertised
"Carmania" seminar, for lack of fellow-panellists I'll be hosting a
Megacorp-sponsored session on "The Lunar Empire and the Lunar Way" instead
on Sunday morning: something like a civilian counterpart to the "Lunar
Tunes" panels (famed from conventions past), and including a sneak preview
of Tales #16, the Lunar Special. Get your votes in (to me, not Andrew) if
you'd prefer one event over the other. And please don't be daft: only vote
if you're coming to the Chicago Con! <+>


<*> There will be a STORYTELLING CONTEST at RQ-Con Chicago: please compose
and bring along any original Gloranthan myths, legends, sagas, epics,
jokes, folktales, songs or stories that can be performed in under ten
minutes. Fame, fortune and beer await the lucky winner!

<+> I know this is a popularity contest of sorts, but any votes reading
"John Major" or "Tony Blair" will be binned. There *are* limits, guys!


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