Slave Collars & Lunar Phases

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 13:40:54 EET

Slave Collars:-

Paolo Guccione:

Asked about slave collars preventing a wizard casting spells.
Peter Metcalfe pointed out:
> Well it sucks the magic points out of him so he doesn't have much
> opportunity to cast big spells.

I always viewed this as the stopper for casting magic (especially spirit
POW 3 = 15% chance of casting & virtually no chance of overcoming
anothers MPs.

> I do note that removing the collar but not the bracelets 'will allow the
> person to direct Power [ie magic points PHM] in worship to deities, but
> not to use it for magical spells' (CoP p109).

This is pretty safe for wizards, however, IMO this allows contact with
deity thus it would allow for DI for theists.

> This indicates to my mind that a person wearing a slave collar is
> incapable of casting spells of whatever sort although it's not
> clear whether divine magic is so affected from what I can find (I
> *think* there's another source that addresses it but I failed my
> library use).

I too am without books here, but I would view that being cut off from
ones god
(wearing collar) would negate divine magic.

> Hence I would say that the wizard can't cast sorcery spells with the collar on.

Here I would disagree, although not from a rulesy POV.
Mainly from an MGF POV I want wizards to be really strange and obviously
"not like normal folks". I would view it that the Wizard could cast

but that he would have only 3 MPs to work with!

Lunar Phases:

Chris Lemens asked:

> Forgive me if this has been answered a hundred times, but how does one
> determine the phase of the Red Moon for purposes of lunar magic, etc., if
> one is standing in the bottom of the Crater (or floating above the Crater,
> or looking down on the Red Moon from the Sky Dome, . . . )?

I forgive you, although whether you forgive yourself after the answer is

1) Within the Glowline the Phase of the moon is considered to be full
the purposes of Lunar magic. However, I believe that a viewer can still
determine the phase of the moon for religious reasons...

2) However, WRT to looking down on the Red Moon from above the case
gets more complicated.
        a) If you are within the middle air the above applies IMO.
        b) If you are on the Sky Dome you are outside the normal world!
        Thus IMO you would be outside the Glowline.
        This is also outside the normal scope of play and really a



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