From: Donald Wachenschwanz (
Date: Wed 08 Jan 1997 - 19:26:06 EET

Paolo Guccione and Peter Metcalf wrote:
> >A strange question that came to my mind when my player group captured a
> >Golden Lance inquisitor: does a slave collar have any effect on a
> >wizard? I think that nothing can prevent a wizard from casting spells,
> >because the power of sorcery comes from within,
> [sidestepping any question of availability or the 3050 L pricetag]
> Well it sucks the magic points out of him so he doesn't have much
> opportunity to cast big spells.

This reminds me, we use a variation on the slave collar as a way of
making binding enchantments for mundane plane creatures--wolves, etc.
Perhaps this idea is already widespread. Only certain cults have the
spells to do this, and only with certain categories of creatures. Fur
Gasher, a primitive hunting cult found in Slon can use it with dinosaurs.
 The problem is, they have to catch the dinosaur.

Donald Wachenschwanz
So many cults, so little time.


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