Wind Words

Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 15:18:13 EET

G'day all,

Wind Words

Simon Phipp opines:
>David Cheng says that "no right-thinking adventurer ever has the spare
>POW to sacrifice for Wind Words" - absolute rubbish. The spell only
>costs 2 POW and has a multitude of uses...

If tossing away 2 POW for Wind Words is just spare change in your game,
it's obviously played at a very different level to the ones I'm used

>...eavesdropping on NPC enemies, eavesdropping on NPC rivals,
>eavesdropping on secret ceremonies, listening to people at Confession
>(for the Yelmic cults), stitching up fellow PCs, informing PCs of events
>via a friendly Orlanthi and so on.

Mind, only when you're downwind! I finally found a practical use for this
spell in my bit of Strangers in Prax, where Krogar Wolfhelm whispers messages
to the PCs during a temple worship ceremony (though this got changed in the
editing process to simple Mindspeech).



PS My Glorantha Digest V4 #57 cut right off mid-sentence of a Stephen Martin
rave. This happen to everyone else too?

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 23.vii-18/09)
'Concerning the amazing powers of Grand Knight Sir Meriatan, I heard that
he, single-handed, overwhelmed a thousand warriors of the Kingdom of War,
lent money to the Ecclesiarch and, less plausibily, been repaid!'
Sir Gorgonpaste of Losklam, recent traveller to this land.


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