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Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 16:35:39 EET

> David Cheng says that "no right-thinking adventurer ever has the spare POW
> to sacrifice for Wind Words" - absolute rubbish. The spell only costs
> 2 POW.....
Sorry, but I don't get it. 2 POW isn't "only", for me. I am usually
the GM of our campaigns. I'm generous. The PC's aint farmboys, they
are usually adventurers/heroes. I always encourage them to learn
magic, since I find it fun. But despite that, they have never
succeeded in recovering POW used on Divine Spells etc in such amounts
as other people's character's seem to do.
In the most powerful campaign I run at the moment, the characters
have been around for perhaps six or seven game years, adventuring or
training a lot of that time. During this whole period, they have
gained something like 2 POW.

This is NOT an accusation of POWergaming (haha...), I'm just bloody
curious how you'd do it. Currently we are using another system for
Rune Magic which doesn't cost POW (but still is more "expensive")
than Spirit Magic, but if the characters recovered POW as quickly as
90% of this list assume they'll do, i'd gladly use the original
system. However, they don't.
P Metcalfe:
> Secondly, I don't believe that the Ancient Kingdom of Logic
> had machines as Logic is not the same thing as Technology.
> The principles of Logic would be discovered by Thought or
> Reason rather than Archimdean invention. Think Plato rather
> than Aristotle IMO.
Archimedes was primarily a mathematician - his inventions were
applications of his mathematics, and he considered them inferior to
his physical/mathematical discoveries.
Since Man has lost the ability to understand Logic directly, they do
so through many things, of which the most common is Mathematics. In
my vision of the Malkioni and Brithini, they are extremely fascinated
with numbers, figures and formulas. Natural Philosophy is also a
fascination of theirs, in all its applications, though there is a
touch of magic to their reasoning - the animals are studied because
they are moral examples, the laws of physics resemble those of the
human mind.
And in Plato's republic, the Leaders where the one who were to be
taught Mathematics.

Leonardo is just ONE of the inhabitants of God Forgot, though one
everybody knows - he is a neighbourhood fixture, not the single
determining factor in the "feel" of the place. All IMG, of course.

Erik Sieurin


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