Re: The Broken Council

Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 19:34:49 EET

An open letter to Chaosium and the folks writing the Broken Council:

Did it not occur to *any* of you that, if the LARP was in danger of being
cancelled, perhaps notification of all involved *in no uncertain terms* --
"The Broken Council LARP *will* be cancelled unless we get X more people by Y
date" -- and asking for help with a recruiting effort might have been more
useful than sitting on your hands waiting? Promotion of such an event should
not rest solely in the hands of the convention organizers; they have enough
things to worry about already, don't they? How could you commit to running
the *feature event* at a convention, and then put off actually finishing it
until the month before?!?!

My primary reason --as well as a *lot* of other people's, I would venture --
for attending GloranthaCon was to play Broken Council. Now, if I bother to
attend at all, I'll be paying over $200 (entry + airfare + hotel) for the
"privilege" of playing one or two events being made up at the last minute?
The only reason I can think of *not* to boycott GloranthaCon is because I
know how much effort Andrew and company have put into it...I'm all too
familiar with what it takes to run a successful convention.

If this is the first step in the "Gloranthan Reformation", I am dismayed. I
have been a fervent supporter of Chaosium and all things Gloranthan for
nearly 20 years; I regretfully announce that I may have to rethink that

Michael Schwartz
When in danger, when in in circles, scream and shout!


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