Killing Harrek ?!!?

Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 19:53:31 EET

Simon Phipp wrote
: " killing Harrek is not difficult".

I would like to see that. That guy is a god's champion (Palmalt's) who uses
another god as an
allied (bound ?) spirit, wears adamandite claws that would tear your soul as
well as your life, bears
a Sword that'll smash not only your body but your ancestors' spirits too...
He has been on the edge so long that he knows all the nasty tricks
better than any character should.
I really would like to see that...

Harrek is the ultimate warrior. Another Arkat. He is the out of reach model

every character.

But he is a sad man too. As Arkat. Without family. Without home. Without
Followed by pirates who worship him but who fear him as much. A man who
cannot control his destiny. Who cannot retire, take a woman, raise children.
Who cannot say "Hey Grunda, let's have some holidays
on the Pamaltelan coast... That bikini have been made for you,
honey... It suits you better than your awful chain mail..."

No, he's just a counter, with 20 CF. He reminds me of Moorcock's
Eternal Champion. He doesn't control his destiny, but your characters
can. And in this, THEY are greater than he would ever be.

And he is doomed. As will be all the Hero War's actors too. What will they do

when the war will end : retire in a cottage and raise a family ?
Nay ! How could they love when their sole motivations have been "hate
the enemy" and "kill the enemy" so far ?

No, the survivors of the Hero War will turn upon each other as
Wakboth and Kajaboor did and as Harrek and Argrath will do.
Until one get the northen continent and the other the southern.
Until an ocean separates them.

There's a time for war, then a time for peace.
A time for hate and another for love.
A time to fight and another to retire BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
Remember the Borderlands ?


It reminds me the end of a campaign I heard about, a long time ago :

* An army of Dwarfs went in Prax with adamendite tools, carved the
Block into a giant Hammer of Truestone (didn' t remember of the
SB reactions... must have been blasted somehow...) ;
* Gonn Orta used the Law Hammer to smash Krasht ;
* Pavis was vitrified by a Godlearner (?) ACME nuclear weapon ;

The rest is too far away...



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