Re: Haitch is for Hero? NOT!

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 21:08:00 EET

l-UR-en Miller writes in reply to Chris Lemens:
>Formerly I had believed that the letter H was the surefire giveaway
>for Heroic figures on Glorantha (cv orlantH, argratH, Humakt, Harrek,
>sartarH). Now I realize that UR is the surefire giveaway.

I missed a couple of names in the list:

Red Emper-UR

and of course


in both his guises as Sartarite sun- and trickster-deity...

>and trust the elder races to bollox everything up by putting the URs
>at the end of some of their names


Even worse are the Mostali, whose deity is correctly named only in
Bertal-UR's essay on metals: UR-tiam...




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