God Forgot Brithini

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 21:08:00 EET

David Cheng in reply to my God Forgot history:
> Please note that we should not take the Brithini ancestry of the God
>Forgot Malkioni too seriously. Stafford imparted this to me when he sat
>and playtested _Masters of Luck and Death_ (coming soon to Glorantha Con IV
>in 18 days!) back at Convulsion '92. Even if the rulers are originally
>Brithini, their practices have degenerated - perhaps to the point explained
>by Metcalfe.

Sure. For the record, I don't believe that God Forgot ever saw more than
say 200 Brithini individuals, "native offspring" included. With these
people, this is enough to continue a culture in Talar Hold for 1600 years,

Apart from these 120 (at most) surviving Brithini, I doubt many Leftarmers
have access to life-prolonging methods other than the usual heavy-powered
heroquests of Ethilrist, Jar-eel or Hofstaring Treeleaper. Some very adept
pupils of the remaining Zzaburi in the Hold might know Resurrection, maybe,
but this more likely from personal research.

Peter Metcalfe's account has obviously been hacked from some unknown
Glorantha link, but I harbour the well-founded suspicion that this so-called
Leonardo is an impostor, or otherwise, erm, forgetful about his own history.
I really doubt that the real Leonardo as described in Genertela Book has
experienced the Machine Wars, and survived the general pogromes against
inventors afterwards. Talar Hold doesn't sport any red-hot brass citadel,
after all...

It is also possible that Leonardo confuses written documentation with
personal memory, a common symptom of overused Immortality spells. The
written documentation I refer to is the Holy Country description telling us
about the advent of the Waertagi. In perfect chronological order, we are
told about the Only Old One's duel with Martaler of the Blazing Forge (123
ST), the Dawn Council expeditions west (their description ending in 115),
and the defecting of the Triolini - certain combatants at the Unity Battle -
to the Waertagi, finally mentioning the troll dominance originating early in
the Silver Age.

I liked Erik Sieurin's "every [Leftarm Islander] is a philosoph of sorts",
though the tribal name he used ought to suffer the same fate as the land's
original deity... Nothing wrong with strange argumentations in everyday
conversation, as long as people don't make Illumination Riddle rules apply
to foreigners exposed to these. That is to say: the God Forgot philosophy is
not a proselytizing way, unlike the Lunar virus.


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