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Date: Fri 10 Jan 1997 - 00:52:33 EET

Stephen P Martin:

>On the subject of noses, and completely unrelated, does anyone know or
>have any idea where Nasobemes (from Elder Secrets) can be found?

Nowhere IMNSHO!

>S'funny, I distinctly get the impression from Trollpak and/or Troll Gods
>that Arkat's adoption WAS the first one.

The paper handout in Troll Gods says that this was the first time that
anybody had been born with companions. Others had been 'born' before
but only singly. That was why there was a large crowd at his adoption.

Lewis Jardine:

>Mainly from an MGF POV I want wizards to be really strange and obviously
>"not like normal folks". I would view it that the Wizard could cast
>spells but that he would have only 3 MPs to work with!

But the Bracelets were invented by the Dwarves who would know how
to disrupt the casting of magic. I do find it odd in such a case
that it was designed only to work against spirit magic and divine
but not sorcery.


>Sir Gorgonpaste of Losklam, recent traveller to this land.

Does he come from a fading land, I wonder?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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