Humakt origins; End of Age

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Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 17:49:00 EET

Humakt origins:
Stephen Martin posits (but disclaims credit for) the idea that Arkat & co
severed the sword lord aspect of Ralian Humath from the air lord aspect.
 This seems to conflict with the notion of Arkat as the respectful
heroquester. It also does not seem too compatible with his motivations in

exterminating Gbaji, if those motivations had anything to do with the idea
that Gbaji was a divine construct.

End of Age Campaign:
Stephen also points out that the out line of a plot line we have been
developing for an end of age campaign is only one possible view. Just to
clarify, part of the point is that any GM playing an end of age campaign
will need to be able to surprise the players, who are at least as familiar
as the GM with most Glorantha materials. Therefore, it seems to me to be
absolutely necessary to pick something that is _not_ middle of the road.
 Hence, none of the discussion about an end of age campaign should really
reflect on the Canon.

More from Stephen:
"As for the Red Moon being a deity which never was born or died, this
could just be a metaphysical explanation for its unusual status. No need
to take it literally, as a symbolic interpretation is appropriate. Nearly
always is, with the Lunars."

I prefer to take it literally. The RM was not born: it was separated from
the Sun. It never died: it continued its existence, separate from the rest
of Glorantha, after the separation. I love it when obscure prophecies are
literally true.

"How many myths, even in Glorantha, talk about day and night during the

You're right. We've had this discussion on that damn time thread that I
helped instigate and won't repeat. IMG only and only for the PCs relevant
to my end of age campaign, the sun didn't move in Godtime (unless, of
course, they go somewhere I'm not expecting)

David Hall, concerning the equation RM + BlueM + Sun + WhiteM:
"It is not, of course, correct (wearing my orthodox Lunar hat)."

That's proof positive! :)

Lewis Jardine on my imbecilic question about the Red Moon's phases:
"I forgive you, although whether you forgive yourself after the answer is

Correct. Forgetting about obvious things like the Glowline is what comes
from avoiding Lunar territory. (A little trouble from turning down that a
flirtatious RMG priestess, the vengeful wench.) Still, I disagree with the
idea that being on the inside of the Sky Dome is being outside Glorantha.
 Hypothetically, one could fly over the RM, right? What stops the same

flyer from flying all the way up to the sky dome? I view the sky dome as
_both_ a physical barrier and a mythic setting.


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