On the Broken Council

From: Shannon Appel (sappel@netcom.com)
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 23:11:55 EET

I've seen a bit of commentary in the last few days on the cancellation
of the Broken Council LARP. I speak here as somewhat of a bystander
because I've never had any plans to attend Chicago, and my
participation in the LARP was solely limited to reworking the layout
and editing of the guidebook.

The main problem is that the con is woefully under attended. I don't
know if this is due to the frozen January Chicago climate, the limited
advertising, or the promise of a sunny British Columbia convention in
just six months. In any case, registration is low, and registration
for the Broken Council is even lower.

The last I heard, the Broken Council could just barely have been
pulled off if every single person registered (including guests) agreed
to play. And, the number of who did agree to play was even lower. So,
with about a month still before the convention there was no guarantee
that there EVER would be enough people to play in the LARP. Even
worse, a large number of the people who had said they would play had
played before. Although that's usually fine for a small number of
people in a LARP, it causes problems when there are lots.

Andrew Joelson tried heroically to find new participants, even posting
to this list a week or so ago, letting people know that they had to
let him know if they wanted in. But, it still wasn't enough. Should or
could he have done more? I don't know, but I won't try and second
guess his methods.

Now, Andrew could have continued scheduling the LARP for the
convention, continuing to work to get more people interested. But,
there was a non-zero possibility that either the LARP would not run,
or would only run in a degenerate form due to the number of
repeats. For that reason it was Andrew's RESPONSIBILITY to cancel the
LARP even though there are still a few weeks left before the con. This
way, people will not expend money on costuming and other costs. In
addition, they can decide whether or not to actually attend Chicago
based upon this fact. It would have been vastly irresponsible to allow
people to actually attend the convention thinking that the Broken
Council would run if it might not.

That's pretty much my interpretation of the matter. It's a pity that
the Broken Council won't run. It's also a pity more people aren't
attending the convention as a whole. But now, you can make your
decision knowing the correct facts without being led on by mirages and

If you do attend, you'll find a new second edition of the BC
guidebook. I've fixed a few mistakes on the original maps, and
cleaned up all the text. In addition, Greg and many other guests will
be attending, so it should still be a fun con. If you prefer not to
attend without the Council, be aware that there are plans to run it at
GenCon this Summer.



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