The Broken Council

From: Stephen P Martin (
Date: Fri 10 Jan 1997 - 07:32:10 EET

The Broken Council
>An open letter to Chaosium and the folks writing the Broken Council:
First of all, let me say that Chaosium, Inc., has absolutely nothing to
do with The Broken Council. Although Greg assisted Eric Rowe, Shannon
Appel, and myself with various aspects of it, and so is listed as
co-author, he and Chaosium should not be held to task for the current
>Did it not occur to *any* of you that, if the LARP was in danger of
>cancelled, perhaps notification of all involved *in no uncertain terms*
- --
>"The Broken Council LARP *will* be cancelled unless we get X more people
by Y
>date" -- and asking for help with a recruiting effort might have been
>useful than sitting on your hands waiting?

There was disagreement among the authors over this point. A decision was
finally made, that to do such a thing would be damaging to the convention
itself, possibly causing people to consider not going at all. And at the
time, this was a serious consideration: 17 or fewer people had signed up
for the game, and not a whole lot more had registered for the convention
itself. For awhile, I wondered if the con itself would be held.

I'm not going to try to justify this decision, because it is not mine to
justify. I am sorry if this is causing anyone problems, frustration, or
expense. That was never the intention, and any delays on our part were to
save ourselves major amounts of work, frustration, and expense, for
nothing. Although the game _can_ run with 43 people, it is best run with
47. Since Shannon Appel and I are not able to attend the convention, 3 or
4 more people are needed to help Eric Rowe run the game.

BTW, Nick Brooke's offer to cancel his session of Tarsh War so that
Broken Council can run is greatly appreciated, more than most people can
>If this is the first step in the "Gloranthan Reformation", I am
dismayed. I
>have been a fervent supporter of Chaosium and all things Gloranthan for
>nearly 20 years; I regretfully announce that I may have to rethink that
Again, I ask Michael and everyone to refrain from blaming a lot of people
for what a few people do. And Glorantha itself is certainly blameless!


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