New scenario, etc.

From: Peter Maranci (
Date: Fri 10 Jan 1997 - 10:39:04 EET

        Once again (and at long last) I have another adventure to offer to
the list. Actually it's a mini-scenario, a hunt adventure with a small
twist. It's available on my web page at:

        If anyone is unable to access it on the web, I'd be glad to email
it to you.

        I've added a DOS-friendly ZIPped version of Oliver Jovanovic's
Truetype RQ font to my web site, including full documentation. All the
NPCs have been reformatted for easier use (I think), and one new one has
been added. Now that I've worked out a pretty good template for presenting
NPCs on the web, I hope to add new ones more frequently.

        On a separate note, I'd be hugely obligated if someone who
received a copy of my RuneQuest III help sheet could send me a copy back.
The destruction of my hard drive wiped it out, and I don't have a recent

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