The Broken Council: Go for Broke!

Date: Fri 10 Jan 1997 - 15:16:00 EET

G'day all,

The Broken Council

As one of the people who initially suggested to the Chicago-con organisers
that they could run The Broken Council as their featured LARP#, I think it
would be a great shame if it failed to go ahead.

For everyone's information, with less than a month to go to RQ Con Down
Under last year, we had *just over half* the players required for our
82-player LARP, Home of The Bold. We were about 40 players short (almost
the total number required for The Broken Council), with around 77 Con
registrations at that point.

Although this caused HotB designers David Hall & Kevin Jacklin a little
consternation, Andrew Bean, John Hughes and I were confident we could do it

and so we went on with our final recruiting push:
- bombarding the local game stores with our new brochures and the entry
- pushing our QUESTLINES fund-raiser book at every opportunity
- posting HotB background and con info on likely usenet groups (eg. aus.
- a final issue of our 'Squawkings from Quackford newsletter
- tracking down tardy punters and getting them to finally sign their
- offering LARPers who weren't particularly interested in Glorantha a
    special rate if the turned up to play HotB on the day (and turning a
    blind eye when they hung around for the rest of the con because they
    were having so much fun!)
- ringing around, rounding up the usual suspects, begging, pleading and so
In the end, we had 131 people attending the con and we even needed a waiting
list for people wanting to get into HotB on the day!

So, based on our experience at RQ Con Down Under, it may not be impossible
to get enough punters for a second run of The Broken Council, even at this
late stage.

For the record, I was invited to attend GloranthaCon IV and was keen to
go, but am unable to take time off work at this period. I'm sure that
everyone who attends will have a great time, whether or no BC
actually runs!

   #my advice to the Chicago organisers was to pick up the Broken Council
    LARP rather than trying to write one of their own *and* plan a con at
    the same time, just as we imported the Reaching Moon boys to run HotB.
    I haven't heard - is the White Bull LARP still happening? Perhaps the
    disappointed BCers can get into that if there are places?



PS Peter Metcalfe: Your "does he come from a fading land, I wonder?" reference
to Sir Gorgonpaste of Losklam (my last Note from Nochet, V4 #58) eludes my
feeble, work-addled brain this Friday evening. Do tell...

>From the Notes From Nochet files:
(XXIX. 24.44-biog.faz.doc)
I will say this for Fazzur - he had one virtue uncommon in lords, he
listened to answers to his own questions.
G. Silverus.


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