Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #60

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Fri 10 Jan 1997 - 17:58:12 EET

Peter Michaels makes a number of excellent points about the Uz, &

> the comments on the Digest) to primarily be a figure of humor who pulls
> pranks of one sort or another.
Guilty (raises hand, looks abashed). Part of the problem, IMO, is that the
trolls already have a Creator (Kyger Litor) and a Destroyer (ZZ), which I
think narrows the vision. I guess one thing that should be considered is
going _before_ these deities, and exploring those myths.

> Whatever or whoever the trickster might be, I think the trolls would
> understand him through one of the most trollish things of all -
> cruelty. It is my contention that cruelty is to uz as humor is to
> humans: something that entertains, that creates social bonds.

Hmmm. I don't deny the merit in your argument, but by saying "trolls are
cruel" aren't we guilty of putting a Human bias on their actions? For
example, if a troll slowly eats an elf, is he being cruel? As far as the
troll's considered, an elf has about the status of RW broccoli.

IMO, humor _is_ important to the trolls. On the face of it, trollish
society is "might makes right" to an extreme -- most of the insights we
get in Trollpak imply that trollish relations are determined by power
first, other interests second. E.g., ZZ can usurp the _son_ of the

ancestral/creator deity if the local cult representative has the power; or
Bina Bang can persist in heretical (to KL) beliefs if she can withstand
Lord Lurker in Shadows.

But what's the release mechanism? Either every inter-troll coflict ends
with the bloody elimination of the losers, or at some point the losers
back off. I think humor plays a part in this. +>3tm{{

Peter goes on to make several good points which would seem to imply ZZ is
the Uz trickster. On the whole, the arguement is very good. The only
problem I have with it is that Zorak Zoran is in some ways the one-sided

deity he earlier argues against -- IMO, ZZ is _not_ a creator deity, he's
Scary Monster with added bells and whistles.


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