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>>All the members of the Celestial Court (and I count
>>Umath here as an Elemental member) were broken during the Gods War
>>and devolved into their various descendants.

Peter Metcalfe on Umath/Celestial Court:

> Uleria?

"All" = 85%, I believe. Ayway, Uleria was so changed as to be beyond
recognition - the Boggles ate her up, for a start. The Shanasses are
manifestations of parts of Uleria as are other Love Nymphs - even she
devolved into Children and other descendants (but don't ask me to
name them because my mind has turned to mush).

Wind Words


> Mind, only when you're downwind

Surely not, I thought the whole point of the spell was that Orlanth
created a little breeze to carry the words to you. That's what makes
it so useful - you can even use it in a howling gale to carry words
upwind to your dainty little ears.

> If tossing away 2 POW for Wind Words is just spare change in your game,
> it's obviously played at a very different level to the ones I'm used
> to!

Yep - some players spend POW on special effects just to look good -
wraiths boiling around a skeletal form, zombies carrying you around
on a shield, demons on leashes and so on.

> PS My Glorantha Digest V4 #57 cut right off mid-sentence of a Stephen Martin
> rave. This happen to everyone else too?

Yep, but it came back again almost immediately - as if by magic......

Killing Harrek

Alan ( writes:

> I would like to see that. That guy is a god's champion (Palmalt's) who uses
> another god as an
> allied (bound ?) spirit, wears adamandite claws that would tear your soul as
> well as your life, bears
> a Sword that'll smash not only your body but your ancestors' spirits too...
> I would like to see that. That guy is a god's champion (Palmalt's) who uses
> another god as an
> allied (bound ?) spirit, wears adamandite claws that would tear your soul as
> well as your life, bears
> a Sword that'll smash not only your body but your ancestors' spirits too...

Well, from a game mechanic point of view, in WB&RM/Nomad Gods, as you
pointed out, he has a CF of 20 and can be killed. If he has RQ stats,
he can be killed. In King of Sartar he fights Jar Eel and one of them

is defeated (I think it is Jar-Eel, but theoretically, there is no
valid reason why it could not have been Harrek - he is not that much
better than her).

From a RuneQuest point of view (I know this is the Gloranthan Digest,
but bear with me - In Gloranthan Terms, Harrek can be killed as he is
a person - even the Seven Mothers died, even the Greater Gods died,
so Harrek can certainly die) a character with Axe Trance, 400 MPs
and a healthy helping of Slash (say Slash 100, having traded all her
spells and pulled in every single favour possible) would be attacking
on 2000%, Critting on 100 and doing 100D6 direct with each blow. This
may seem unreasonable, but it IS POSSIBLE within the normal rules.

I do not think that a single PC could kill Harrek, but a dedicated,
well-prepared party could with enough planning, power and luck.

I do not subscribe to the idea that some things are unkillable simply
because they are powerful. It is just difficult.

I may have had my tongue in cheeck when I claimed it as "easy", but
the above demonstration shows that with the sacrifice of POW and
spell trading it is possible. Imagine a Babeester Gor warband of 100

women each sacrificing for Slash 2 Mindlink 1 and giving their spells
to their warchief - certainly within the bounds of play.This gives
her a pool of Slash 100 and 500 MP, assuming that half the Mindlinks
fail to go off. A quick teleport and she can take out Harrek :-)

Londra of Londros

Joerg Baumgartner asks:
> Hasn't anybody ever produced some guideline how to make RQ2 stats RQ3
> compatible (or, for whatever that's worth, vice versa)?

These were in the original RQ3 rules - conversion sets from RQ2 to
RQ3 stats, skill conversions, the whole lot. They were not very good
but worked to a certain extent.

Raven et al

Raven is a Darkness Spirit hich takes the form of a raven. It is not
necessarily Vrimak's child, the God of Ravens.

Sun Hawk was created by Yelm, not Vrimak, ThunderBird was created by
Orlanth, Raven already existed. There is no reason why any of these
are connected to Vrimak, unless you take the Western schema as


Any argument which assumes that raven is the god of ravens is flawed,
I think. In any case, that is beside the point.

There is no single Trickster God. The concept was created by the God
Learners and failed. There are many gods with Trickster attributes,
some are tied to illusion, some to Disorder, some to other Runes.
Even Orlanth himself has some Trickster attributes, although he is
not a Trickster god.

In Prax, Raven and hyena are obviously Trickster gods, but there may
be more. Certainly there would be Trickster spirits in most places.

Amongst trolls, there would not be a single Trickster god, but many
Spirits/Heroes. Eristi the Doubter is one possible example, but I

cannot think of any more at this moment. I do not think that the
Black Eater is a Trickster, even of the Destroyer Aspect. Basko may
have been, though - the tale of him facing up to Yelm is a classical
Trickster one - ridiculous clothes, an impossible aim, a foolish act,
a comical rendition and just rewards. Many Troll deities may have
Trickster tales associated with them, but my library is at home and I
am too tired to think of any off hand.

Gbaji certainly shows Trickster traits - especially how he fooled the
trolls and pretended to be part of them to wound Korasting - by the
way, he did not kill her, merely ripped her womb open with poisoned
adamantine claws.

Day and Night

Why, if the Sun moved around in the GodTime, does there have to be
Day and Night? Yelm never visited the Underworld, if he moved around
it was on the Surface of the Sky, on the world or in the Sky. At each
point, his light would have shone and lit the world.

Also, at that time, the Sky was golden and would have lit the
world, even if Yelm was indoors.

When Yelm died, it was caused the Lesser Darkness. I think that was
because it was not truly dark. The Sky still shone, Solar Gods still
swept through the Sky, The Torch was alight, Dara Happan gods lit
their world. It was only after the Water Gods invaded the Sky and
turned it Blue, when the Troll gods destroyed Yamsur's Palace, when
Dara Happa was first flooded then crushed by Valind and extinguished,
when all the major Gods of Light were slain or had retired to Above
that the Darkness became worse. The Greater Darkness was caused by
the Spike being destroyed, killing off all hope.

Anyway, enough rambling.



If it has stats it can be killed.
If it is in the rules it can be abused.
If it is mentioned it can be targetted.
People can change the world and screw up the Timeline.
Restrictions are for NPCs, not for PCs.

Taking Power Gaming to new extremes.



End of Glorantha Digest V4 #62

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