Killing Harrek

From: Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat 11 Jan 1997 - 01:08:16 EET

Simon Phipp comments:
>From a RuneQuest point of view (I know this is the Gloranthan Digest,
>but bear with me - In Gloranthan Terms, Harrek can be killed as he is
>a person - even the Seven Mothers died, even the Greater Gods died,
>so Harrek can certainly die) a character with Axe Trance, 400 MPs
>and a healthy helping of Slash (say Slash 100, having traded all her
>spells and pulled in every single favour possible) would be attacking
>on 2000%, Critting on 100 and doing 100D6 direct with each blow. This
>may seem unreasonable, but it IS POSSIBLE within the normal rules.
>I may have had my tongue in cheeck when I claimed it as "easy", but
>the above demonstration shows that with the sacrifice of POW and
>spell trading it is possible. Imagine a Babeester Gor warband of 100
>women each sacrificing for Slash 2 Mindlink 1 and giving their spells
>to their warchief - certainly within the bounds of play.This gives
>her a pool of Slash 100 and 500 MP, assuming that half the Mindlinks
>fail to go off. A quick teleport and she can take out Harrek :-)

This is an interesting idea but utterly unworkable. The problem being Harreks
total control of the flow of magic around him due to his mastery of the Infinity
Rune. Assuming that you could even teleport anywhere near him without him
feeling the power fluctuation, all your magic would immediately be dropped as
soon as he willed it when you entered the radius of his control.

Hence the Babeester Gor axe killer would suddenly find herself holding a rather
mundane axe with a decidedly shakey tactical position.

Harrek or Jar-eel or Arkat or any other Superhero is _not_ killable by any
normal method. Thats the whole point. Superheros are fated to die at the hands
of gods, other Superheros or other greater powers like Dragons.

No super-level Rune Party should or could have a cat in hells chance against any
of them. Jar-eel is an expression of the martial qualities of the Goddess of an
Empire of 10,000,000, Arkat was the leader of the greatest war since the dawn
and the longest vendetta as well as an object of worship for millions and Harrek
is an entitiy of destruction, a man very much of his times, a man who epitomises
the violence that ends the third age.

Even meeting these people should be a nightmare and fighitng them should be a
possiblity that exists in the fevered dreams of the insane.

Martin Laurie


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