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CNU!AUSTIN3! (Lemens, Chris)
GL tampering
>On the GL tampering with our favorite gods thread, what about Eurmal ( =

>Ur-mal)? If we take "mal" to mean the same thing it means in Latin, we
>also connect the name to Malia (OK, that's obvious), but also to Elmal,
>which I could not hope to explain.

Don't -- the answer has to do with linguistics. As does the form of the
name Ernalda, touched on by the person (I don't remember who) who
mentioned Remalada. Remalada is my linguistic attempt to link Ernalda and
Mralota as originally having been the same deity.

Anyways, I think that Eurmal originated in Ralios, given his links in
myth to Humakt, whom I also believe originated there. Elmal is more
likely to originate in southern Peloria. I note the similarity of his
name to the mythical city of Elempur, which I am sure has links to his
origin. In Eurmal, the two parts are, IMO, "Eur" and "Mal" (I like the
links to Malia). In Elmal's case, I believe the correct breaks are "Elm"
and "Al". Thus, these portions of their names are false cognates.

>Then we can name our troll trickster Rokomal.
Hmm, doesn't sound quite trollish enough, even for a troll trickster.
Also, a bit too close to Romal for my taste, one reason I did not suggest
it myself. Perhaps something silly like Rokomolo?

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
>>Mainly from an MGF POV I want wizards to be really strange and
>>"not like normal folks". I would view it that the Wizard could cast
>>spells but that he would have only 3 MPs to work with!
>But the Bracelets were invented by the Dwarves who would know how
>to disrupt the casting of magic. I do find it odd in such a case

>that it was designed only to work against spirit magic and divine
>but not sorcery.
Actually, the bracelets have a number of sources. In Cults of Prax it
does not give an origin. The original draft of the Oceans Book has them

being created on one of the islands of Vormain! I imagine there is a cult
in Fonrit which can make them. And there is almost certainly at least one
Malkioni sect which does so, perhaps several.

Stephen Martin
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