Carmanian Questions

From: Alain Saraja (
Date: Sat 11 Jan 1997 - 18:47:24 EET

Hi all (Alain here)

Some questions for our Carmanian Viziers ;-)

- - Are there temples of the Reaching moon in Carmania ?

I believe there's one in Storal because the glowline ends near this
town, but I'm not sure...

- - By the way, before the birth of Yara Arranis, what were the limits
of the Glowline: The silver shadow ? The Hearthland ?...

- - Should a Temple be desecrated (blasphemy), will the Holy Glowline
withdraw, and how far ?

- - Do the towns shown in the Entekosiad still exist (Bindle, Aldog,
Kargzikitor, Enthyr...) or were they destroyed in the fight against
Sheng ? Anymore info ?



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