Uz Tricksters

From: Tim Ellis (
Date: Sat 11 Jan 1997 - 19:21:44 EET

In Digest 51, Stephen Martin asks me
>I like this, except that Gore and Gash had already found (and used) the
>Pathway many times. Does this mean you think they are tricksters? Or are
>you talking about a different pathway, one that was not already used for
>War (capitalization intentional)?
It was more by way of a top-of-the head thought "what would trickster
have done for Uz". I don't think Gore and Gash were tricksters, but it
is possible that they found the pathway with the help (intentional or
otherwise) of a trickster. This could have been as a joke on them
(taking them outside Wonderhome), as a joke on the surface dwellers who
suddenly found a band of Mistress Race Trolls swarming out of a cave, or
as a result of them following him to punish him for a previous trick.

Jongale the Silent is another UZ who might have trickster links. I note
in "Uz Lore" that he plucked some leaves from Shanaassse's locks, but
managed to blame it on the dwarves.
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