"The World is like a bag..." and Quest-question

From: Erik Sieurin (BV9521@utb.hb.se)
Date: Sat 11 Jan 1997 - 14:37:03 EET

> I liked Erik Sieurin's "every [Leftarm Islander] is a philosoph of sorts",
> though the tribal name he used ought to suffer the same fate as the land's
> original deity...
> Nothing wrong with strange argumentations in everyday
> conversation, as long as people don't make Illumination Riddle rules apply
> to foreigners exposed to these. That is to say: the God Forgot philosophy is
> not a proselytizing way, unlike the Lunar virus.
Well, the Leftarm Islanders surely want others to agree that they are
"right", but that is not proselytizing as much as ego. Besides, no
true LI'er would admit that anyone else but him or her could be
"right" :-).

And now for something completely serious I have thought of for some

Let's say you have a heroquest which is very similar to Androcles and
the Lion, OK?
So in the story, the Hero helps a wild beast out of the kindness of
his heart, and as result he is later not attacked by the same beast.

Now, suppose that a person named X is to perform this quest. I assume
most heroquesters know the myth they are following, though certain
details may faulty. So X goes along, and when he encounters the Lion,

he helps it, but NOT because of kindness, but because of cold
calculation: if I help the Lion, he will not attack me later.

So the quest-question is: Is intent important, or action?

Erik Sieurin


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