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From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Sat 11 Jan 1997 - 15:45:51 EET

> And, Erik, what is the POW-less system you are currently using? I have
> my own rune-based Divine magic system to bypass the problems you pointed
> out (available at my web site or through Delecti's Tower of magics), but
> I would be very interested in seeing _your_ solution. Is it available on
> the web?
No (my web-presence is almost non-existent but currently growing),
but I think I can describe it with so few words that I can mention it
on the list.

Divine Magic is learnt as "spells" with a dissimilar process but
similar function as Spirit Magic.
To cast reusable magic costs "Soul Points". If Magic Points are
spiritual Fatigue Points, and POW spiritual CON, then Soul Points are
spiritual Hit Points. That is, they regenerate slowly but naturally.
How fast they regenerate depends on your contact with the Otherworld.
Initiates or equivalents get 1 point back per season (Sacred Time
counts as a season here).
Acolytes or equivalents get 1 point back per week (per day during
Sacred Time).
Priests or equivalents (including most Rune Lords) get 1 point back
per day (per hour during Sacred Time).
Soul Points affect only one function of POW: maximum MP. Thus it
affects ability to overcome resistance in spelluse and spirit combat,
resistance vs magic, and amount of personal MP, but not Luck Rolls or
skill modifiers.
At 0 Soul Points, any loss which would cause SP loss results in POW
loss instead. Your max MP is 0, and thus you'll be comatose and need
help until you regain a SP (difficult for initiate-level people). You
are also extremely vulnerable to magic and possession by nasty
To cast one-use magic requires the expenditure of POW.

Spirit Combat "for real" rips SP; the loss of MP in spirit combat can
best be equalled to wrestling or subduing.

All other things which cost POW still costs POW, though I have
consider making invocation of Saints' powers cost SP as well.

That's it. Oh, the magic available at a temple depends on the rituals
commonly performed there. Rare spells are gained through rare


Erik Sieurin, who apologizes for the rulesy content, but there is no
RuneQuest list any longer, is it?


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