Aldyami Trickster

From: Tim Ellis (
Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 00:35:43 EET

Way back in Digest 47, Stephen & Shannon were talking about Aldyami
Trickster, following a Peter Michaels suggestion. I have only just got
around to commiting this to electrons, and in the meantime someone else
mentioned pixies, but I have forgotten who (sorry).

I think any Trickster in Aldryami society would come from the smaller
Aldryami rather than the elves or dryads. If I recall correctly
Aldryami go something like this

Trees - Elves & Dryads
Shrubs & Bushes - Runners
Ferns & "Primitive" plants - Red Elves (Goblins)
Flowers - Pixies
Fungus - Black Elves (Vorolans) <--- Not really Aldryami. . .

I don't thinkl of trees as having much of a trickster like nature, but
amongst the flowers and fungi, there are varieties that hold more
promise - Flowers that grow to look like insects to encourage them to
visit looking for a mate , so that they end up carrying pollen away.
Flowers with really offensive smells (like the one in the Botanical
gardens in London that flowered last year - forget its name). Not
forgetting flowers that attract insects then eat them (Sundew, pitcher
plant, venus flytrap). With Fungus, apart from the obvious psychedelic,
mind altering properties, you also have similar looking toxic and edible
varieties. Any of these have possibilities.

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