Carmanian Glowline

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Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 01:04:27 EET

Alain has some good Carmanian questions:

> Are there temples of the Reaching Moon in Carmania ?

Yep, Carmania is within the Glowline. There is a BIG temple in Kitor and
may be others locally (I haven't visited recently enough to be sure).
Probably the Kitor temple is the biggest: that's where the Lunar Governor
is based.

> Before the birth of Yara Arranis, what were the limits of the Glowline?

Probably any magical effects (such as "always Full Moon") were limited to
the Silver Shadow. The Glowline is a distinct improvement on the previous
situation, though it has been suggested that by concentrating Lunar magic
inside the Empire it has weakened it (slightly) outside...

> Should a Temple be desecrated (blasphemy), will the Holy Glowline
> withdraw, and how far?

Yes, and that depends. Cf. the boardgame of Dragon Pass for the only
concrete example we know about (if enemies enter the Temple of the Reaching
Moon near Furthest, the Glowline will cease to operate for the whole of
Lunar Tarsh).

> Do the towns shown in the Entekosiad still exist?

Tales #16 will include an article on "The Oronin Valley" by Greg Stafford
and myself, in a format similar to that of "Genertela Book", showing which
cities still exist (and which are ruined), and what they are famous for
nowadays. It also includes notes on the contemporary politics and religions
of this region, the border between the Heartlands and the West Reaches,
plus a full-blown scenario by MOB and myself set along the length of the
Oronin River itself. Plus a gorgeous map by Phil Anderson (cartographer for
the "Atlas of the Young Kingdoms" and "Tarsh War"). I hope this will help
answer your questions, and also make the "Entekosiad" more useful for
role-playing games set in Glorantha today.

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