Brithini, Dawn of Malkionism

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Date: Sat 11 Jan 1997 - 23:03:49 EET

Hi again!

Concerning Nick Brooke's answer to my question about:

Brithini and the Invisible God
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Hmm... Let me see if I got it right, Nick...
The Brithini recognise the act of Creation, and the fact that
"something" or "someone" had a role to play in it, but they do not
personify it/Him as Malkioni do, nor do they worship it/Him.

Why not call them agnostics then?
Definition of Agnosticism in my dictionnary:
"Philosophical doctrine declaring that everything beyond the
experimental data (i.e., everything metaphysical) is inaccessible to
human spirit, and therefore, cannot be learned or known."

More clearly, an agnostic is someone who says:
"I don't believe in (the Invisible) God, nor do I believe that there
is no God; I just don't know because there is no way to know."

IMO, that would fit quite well with the Kingdom of Logic's creed.

Dawn of Malkionism
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Hmm... I also thought about the origins of Malkionism.
It seems to me that Malkionism came out of the Brithini belief the way
that Christianity is said to have come out of a Jewish sect (the
Essenes and the sect of the New Covenant).
I'm not saying that Malkion was a Gloranthan Jesus (Malkion never said
he was the son of God), but more some kind of Moses or Mahomet:
"Listen to what the IG says..."
(Though, note that Jesus was a Jew just like Malkion was a Brithini).

Just like Christianity spread faster than the older Judaism because it
gave people someone more real to worship, Malkionism was welcome by
westerners for the same reason, and also because its creed seemed more
easy-going than the Brithini one, especially in hard times like the
Ice age.

Of course, all this would be much clearer if some Lhankor Mhy priest
could find and translate some Brithos Sea Scrolls, laying in an
ancient cave...

What do you think?

Yours, Thomas.

P.S. I'm aware that this is a crude simplification of the origins of
Christianity, but I didn't want to be any longer on a non-Gloranthan


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