Yelmalio, Slave Collars and Carmania

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Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 02:24:00 EET

Guy Hoyle:

AIEEE!!! A Yelmalio Question!

>The modern Cult of Yelmalio seems to be a synthesis of several
>different yet similar deities [...] Could somebody please summarize
>the similarities between these cults and "classic" Yelmalio, and
>also explain their differences?

>1) The elven Yelmalio;

No Geases. No Priests. Just Light Worshippers with Bows. Source
of No Fire Taboos - Elves hate fire.

>2) Elmal, the loyal watchman of Orlanth;

Gives 'Blessings upon the earth, good barley crops, healthy horses
and winter protection'. Has no Sunspear. Is probably the origin
of the Geas system. Religion is run along the Orlanthi system -
thus there are no light sons, light priests and such, but only
Sun Thanes (Rune Lords) who are the pillars of society.

>3) Yu-kargzant of the Grazers?

He is *not* related to Yelmalio.

>4) Lightfore?

A Planet. Has numerous cults all over the world attached to

>5) I'm sure I've left somebody out.

There are quite a number of other influences which Monrogh drew
upon when creating his cult. The Solar Cult at Sun County is
the source of the hoplite warfare (Narokoris the Wise) and the
Priestly tradition. The temple architeture have their origins
in First Age Dara Happa. And some of the loopier restrictions
arise from a religion that had its origins in Teshnos...

Stephen P Martin:

Me>>But the Bracelets were invented by the Dwarves who would know how
>>to disrupt the casting of magic.

>Actually, the bracelets have a number of sources. In Cults of Prax it
>does not give an origin.

p109 of CoP gives 'These shackles were originally of dwarf make'.
I have no problem with the other origins but believe that the
Slave Bracelets in South Central Genertela are originally from
Dwarvern models.

Alain Saraja:

>- - Are there temples of the Reaching moon in Carmania ?


>I believe there's one in Storal because the glowline ends near this
>town, but I'm not sure...

Temples of the Reaching Moon are usually placed in the most
magical spot. I would suspect on top of Mount Dabur or Mount

>- - By the way, before the birth of Yara Arranis, what were the limits
>of the Glowline: The silver shadow ? The Hearthland ?...

There was no glowline. I heard it suggested that the cyclical
aspects of Lunar Magic is worse now outside the glowline than
it was when there was no glowline. But within the glowline, it
is much better than before (or at least uniformly better).

>- - Should a Temple be desecrated (blasphemy), will the Holy Glowline
>withdraw, and how far ?

One of the Dragon Pass Scenarios deals with this. The Borders fall
back to the next area covered by the nearest Temple of the Reaching

>- - Do the towns shown in the Entekosiad still exist (Bindle, Aldog,
>Kargzikitor, Enthyr...) or were they destroyed in the fight against
>Sheng ? Anymore info ?

Carmania was largely untouched by the Wars against Sheng. I suspect
that the best parallel for Carmania during this time was the Russian
Principalities under the Hegemony of the Golden Horde - but I could
be wrong.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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