Intent or Action? Blue Toad and the Zola Fel.

From: Thomas Doniol-Valcroze (
Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 13:55:02 EET


Erik Sieurin
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>So the quest-question is: Is intent important, or action?

Hmm... Sounds like a Nysalor riddle to me!

My first thought was that the Lion would not be deceived by such a
cold calculation.
But then, see the God Learners: they made maps of the different paths
of Heroquests, and they used every trick they could find to plunder
the Hero plan. It was all cold calculation, and it worked... for a
But when punishment came... It hit hard.

I think you can deceive the Lion. And gain advantages from it. But
sooner than later, you'd better get ready to pay your dues.

Stephen P Martin's Cult of the Blue Toad
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Why, I like it. Deceive Chaos before it deceives you! That's swell.
Hmm... Do you think it could be used by the Zola Fel's Newtlings?
Maybe as an associated cult? Or are the links with Chaos too muddy to
be accepted?
Would that need a Heroquest, or just good relationships between the
two cults?

That would sound quite Newtling to me:
"I have heard that in a distant marsh, they know how to deceive Chaos.
That's why I, Kermit the Bold (or Bald?) will go and bring back this
magic to the Riverfolk, so that Chaos will leave us alone."

Hmm... Would you still want to eat a Newtling's tail if you had just
seen him with a chaotic feature?

Always yours, Thomas.


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