the Lion and the Brithini

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Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 15:03:25 EET

Erik Sieurin:

[The Quest of Androcles and the Lion]

>Now, suppose that a person named X is to perform this quest. I assume
>most heroquesters know the myth they are following, though certain
>details may faulty. So X goes along, and when he encounters the Lion,
>he helps it, but NOT because of kindness, but because of cold
>calculation: if I help the Lion, he will not attack me later.

>So the quest-question is: Is intent important, or action?

IMO HeroQuestors on the Other Side are incapable of such
calculation. This is because their emotional selves are
so much stronger here. Thus Androcles would heal the Lion
because of his kindness trait as would most Heroquestors
following in his footsteps (or kick it aside saying 'bloody
animal'). The overriding impression they get when they see
the Lion is not foresightful calculation but gut reaction
depending on their personality.

An Illuminate or a Logician could divorce himself from the
emotional side and react according to his self-interest.
But this is called 'an abuse of the cosmos'.

Thomas Doniol-Valcroze:

>The Brithini recognise the act of Creation, and the fact that
>"something" or "someone" had a role to play in it, but they do not
>personify it/Him as Malkioni do, nor do they worship it/Him.

>Why not call [the Brithini] agnostics then?

>More clearly, an agnostic is someone who says:
>"I don't believe in (the Invisible) God, nor do I believe that there
>is no God; I just don't know because there is no way to know."

But that is not the Brithini PoV. Look at ToTRM#13, the
Brithini writer clearly acknowleges the existance of the
Invisible God. They simply deny the validity of the

dimensions (ie he is worshippable) that the Malkioni have
added to him. In modern terms, the equivalent thing would
be the Big Bang. To the Brithini, the modern Malkioni
are those people in _Beneath_the_Planet_of_the_Apes_ who
sing 'All creatures, great and small, the Big Bang made
them all'. Stark raving nutters in other words.

Besides Atheism sounds cooler. Calling the Brithini
agnostics makes them sound like a land of chronic
indecisives which they are not.

Thought for the day: Are God Learners Secular Humanists?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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