Tricksters, spirit glowline

From: Philip Hibbs (101621.1264@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 15:02:04 EET

I think "nose hurting lopers" is a *great* name for Troll tricksters!

James Frusetta:
>There are still lots of local and regional
>trickster deities in all the Orlanthi lands, but Eurmal is a permanent
>deity who embodies a number of trickster aspects.

Maybe a bunch of minor Trickster-type spirits ganged up, stole all of Eurmal's
divine spells (which they themselves couldn't support) and set up a sort of
freemasons cult where any trickster could come along and get each others'
spells. Eurmal, of course, tricks them into letting him join, becomes head of
the 'lodge' but can't get rid of them all. Maybe the GLs came along and tidied
things up, putting Eurmal back into the top spot. Thus you now have isolated
shrines dedicated to a Trickster aspect, where any Trickster can get the
shrine's spell.

Erik Sieurin:
>Does the Glowline extend into the Spirit-Plane? How deeply?
When the question arose, I just thought it was obvious that it would. The spirit
plane does not map exactly onto the mundane plane, but there are good parallels
that can be seen, so I guess it must. Not my FOX, really.
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