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"Erik Sieurin" <> he wanna know:
> Let's say you have a heroquest which is very similar to Androcles and
> the Lion, OK?
> So in the story, the Hero helps a wild beast out of the kindness of
> his heart, and as result he is later not attacked by the same beast.
> Now, suppose that a person named X is to perform this quest. I assume
> most heroquesters know the myth they are following, though certain
> details may faulty. So X goes along, and when he encounters the Lion,
> he helps it, but NOT because of kindness, but because of cold
> calculation: if I help the Lion, he will not attack me later.
> So the quest-question is: Is intent important, or action?

I would say that intent is more important but that there should be a game
mechanic to reflect this. Which is why the Pendragon personality trait
system is a natural to import for Heroquest.

I would say that the GodPlane is the place where your True Face is seen,
where things are seen As They Really Are. But remember that we become that
which we act and that which we pretend to be. By performing the ritual that
someone has performed before we may rouse in ourselves the appropriate

I hope that's clear. Probably not.

On to another point: I was wondering about the word Hnuschen in the shower
this morning. (What do you mean I have a sad life?) Where does this word
come from? It is used to describe all the animal-totem cultures of Glorantha
but where does it originate? Is it the name of a particular tribe that

was discovered (presumably by the God Learners) and applied to a Gloranthawide

And then it occured to me that there would be a use for a philologically based
Dictionary of Gloranthan Words. This would list the terms unique to Glorantha
and their origins in time and space. (GBAJJI. Lit The Deceiver. From First Age
Seshnelan roots. Supposedly a coinage of ARKAT (qv) to describe his foe.)

I'm just saying this would be a good idea. Not that I'm proposing to do the
work unless offered money. Perhaps something to go into the new Gloranthan
material that Chaosium is promising us.

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