Re: Trollish Tricksters?

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 16:31:05 EET

In relation to Trollish tricksters, I have to wonder what the basic POINT of the
trickster is. From what I can tell, personification of the Scape Goat is probably the
strongest and most useful form for him.

I was going to write a brief paragraph blaming Orlanth for all of the Trolls problems,
starting with killing Yelm and sending them out of Wonderhome and suggesting that
Orlanth makes a good scapegoat for them.

Then I was going to say that Trolls are too proud to blame somebody else and they take
responsibilty for their mistakes. However, that doesn't REALLY sound like trolls. In

fact, it sounds more like an Orlanthi position. (Gee, guess I screwed up killing Yelm.
Let me go fix it.) I've allways played Orlanthi as act first, fix it later kind of
people, and now I'm wondering WHY they have trickster Scape Goat figure?

Does Orlanth blame Eurmal for stealing Death? Did he do the LBQ just to fix the
universe but didn't actually accept the blame for his wrongdoing? Or did he accept the
blame because Eurmal was a friend&ally of him?



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