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From: Nick Effingham (
Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 20:58:12 EET


>Are the Brithini real atheists or do they believe in the Invisible
>God? In Genertela, it is said that they recognise the IG as the
>Creator. But in TotRM 13, it is said that they are atheists that pay
>no heed to the laws of Malkion, do not worship the IG, and, while they
>recognise the undeniable fact of creation, they deny that there was
>any entity known as Creator (on page 2).
>But, on page 6, in "A Creation Story from Brithos", it seems pretty
>clear that they believe the IG to have created the world.

 To my knowledge, although I believe that Nick Brooke would know better,
they believe in the Creator, but not the Invisible God. In other words, they
believe that an all powerful omnipotent deity created the Cosmos. However,
unlike the Malkioni, they believe he isn't around anymore -- he's forgotten
about Mankind. After all, he never needed to be around again, no-one ever
died, everything was perfect and peaceful, why did he have to waste his
precious time watching the Brithini? He never thought *anyone* would be
stupid enough to allow the Devil into the world.

 They do not worship the Inivisible God because they know he's not listening
and they'd just be wasting their time.

Nick E.
Nick the Broo Shaman of Thed

    "If absolute power corrupts absolutely,
     where does that leave God?"
                -- George Daacon


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