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Tim Ellis <tim@timellis.demon.co.uk>
Uz Tricksters
>I don't think Gore and Gash were tricksters, but it
>is possible that they found the pathway with the help (intentional or
>otherwise) of a trickster. This could have been as a joke on them
>(taking them outside Wonderhome), as a joke on the surface dwellers who
>suddenly found a band of Mistress Race Trolls swarming out of a cave, or
>as a result of them following him to punish him for a previous trick.
I like this -- it is very appropriate. And, he may also have been trying
to lead them to Death. But, in trickster's eyes, they were to stupid to
bring Death back with them, as he had intended, so he had to go track
down Zorak Zoran instead, who did the job.

>Jongale the Silent is another UZ who might have trickster links. I note
>in "Uz Lore" that he plucked some leaves from Shanaassse's locks, but
>managed to blame it on the dwarves.

Yeah, in an addendum I added him to my original list. All of theTrollpak
mentioned battles between herons and flamingos, er that is, dwarfs and
elves, must have involved a troll trickster, at least so some of the
troll myths would say.

"Erik Sieurin" <BV9521@utb.hb.se>
"The World is like a bag..." and Quest-question
>Let's say you have a heroquest which is very similar to Androcles and
the Lion, OK?
>So in the story, the Hero helps a wild beast out of the kindness of
>his heart, and as result he is later not attacked by the same beast.
>So the quest-question is: Is intent important, or action?

Very good point. I think the God Learners proved that the action was the
most important part, since they were able to exploit all these HQ paths.
But, as the Dara Happan Emperors Ovosto and Orogoros found out, such
questing without the proper compassion (in this case, a reasonable
cognate for intent) leads to disaster.


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