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Date: Sun 12 Jan 1997 - 23:10:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe subjected various things

>Leonardo had to have a good lie down after choking on his hot
>chocolate when reading this latest innuendo, so I'll have
>comment. Pogroms are not 100% efficient. I think that once
>Tosk's Isle had been captured, the Talar immediately subjected
>himself to Only Old One which spared at least some of the elite
>from slaughter.

My main reason for disbelieving a 1600 year old non-Brithini are just that:
there shouldn't be any non-Brithini (or non-Vadeli) humans from before the
Dawn around. If that were the case, I am sure it would have been mentioned
about Leonardo...

>The Dwarves who took part in the wars didn't reveal themselves
>until the very end would have come from the Greatway and Gemborg
>- both are known for their openhandist attitudes and both had
>known of the People Who God Forgot for years. So I think they
>were more concerned at the abuses of the Zistorites rather than
>the Inventors of God Forgot.

>>written documentation I refer to is the Holy Country description telling us
>>about the advent of the Waertagi. In perfect chronological order [...]

Do I have to spell out sarcasm everytime I use it?

>But one wonders one wonders why Joerg applied his analysis to only
>those particular paragraphs? Before the paragraph of the Gemborg
>revolt is the Dawn. So did the Dawn take place after 123 ST?

The "perfect order" was my way to illustrate that the History chapter (which
starts with a myth older than the Esrola myths...) doesn't take too much
pains to give exact dates, or to care much whether things happened before or
after the Dawn.

>Also the Triolini were not participants in the Unity Battle. That
>battle occured northwards in Dragon Pass which is very difficult
>for the Ludoch to fight in AFAIK.

My point.

For all we know, the Waertagi can have arrived at any time convenient for a
history. For my ideas of the history, it works better if the Leftarm
Islanders had found a non-theistic philosophy by the time the Lightbringer
deities return triumphantly - an impact which should have convinced even the
disillusioned Leftarmers.

I know I have no proof, but I know nobody else has, either.


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