Date: Mon 13 Jan 1997 - 01:29:41 EET

                      Glowsurface? 12/1/97
Owen Jones <> said:

>Could the glowline be a side on view of a glowsurface (or glowmanifold
>perhaps) which extends up into the middle air, enveloping lune. Given the
>lunar goddess is forever battling the storm gods for control of the
>middle air, the glowsurface would mark the boundary of her sphere of

I guess the question here is whether the glowsurface is a sphere centred on the Red Moon, or if it is instead an irregular surface.

If the glowsurface is a sphere, then extending the glowline south to cover Sartar would also involve an extension of the glowline to the north, east, and west. (since the Lunars would be increasing the diameter of a sphere with a fixed centre).

Owen, do you think this has any implications for Balazar? Maybe it explains why the Empire is interested in a backwater like Elkoini!

Bill McKinley


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